Transforming Men Through Jesus Christ In Authentic, Weekly Fellowship In Discipleship

David Bradley (MoB Squad – Men of the Bible)

“I had settled into some success in my law practice after moving to Houston to open our firm’s Houston office in 2008. My family life was great. But, I felt like there must be more.

I had devoted so much time and energy to our move from Dallas and launching our firm’s new office, that I had neglected myself. When not working, I spent most of my time with my wife and our family. The move was originally a financial strain and it was tough to crack the Memorial social nut. I really had no meaningful friendships outside of my family. I felt like I was wandering.

After an MDPC Men’s Life session on spiritual community, I met with Pastor Brett Hurst who directed me to the WSGN and Clint Harrington.  Like so many men on the Westside of town, I had a breakfast meeting with Clint which led to my joining the MoB Squad (Men of the Bible).

The MoB meets every Friday for fellowship, prayer and Bible Study.  We have covered prayer, the Holy Spirit and a variety of books from the Bible in our lessons. But, the true gift of a men’s small group is the relationships.  The men of the MoB know me best, my strengths and weaknesses.  There is no judgment, only support and encouragement.

I cannot think of a life circumstance or condition that has not been faced by at least one member of the group. Together we have shared many highs and lows. The group has given me direction and peace.  I no longer feel astray and alone but have confidence in the strong Christian friendships acting as a support and rock through life’s ups and downs.

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