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For questions or to post your resume, please contact John Yochum (FinD-MOB Squad small group) at John is steering this FinD resource along with Philip Parker (MOB Squad), Eddie Perdomo (MOB Squad), Tim Howard (SOL), Walt Denny (The 13), Scott Cofran (The 13) and Tim Thomas (SOBs).

If you are a current FinD member, and you are seeking employment, your resume is eligible for posting. We are also extending this benefit to “2nd Level” friends. In other words, if you’ve discovered this resource and you know a current FinD member, you can get your resume posted through him.

It’s our prayer that each FinD member will visit this site at least once a month to check out the resumes. If you can think of ANY possible connection that could be made – even to a friend of a friend – please help bridge the JobSeeker to your resource.

FinDing Job Opportunities:
Visit WorkFaith
WorkFaith: A faith-based non-profit providing job search training & coaching offered without charge. For men looking for further job seeking support assistance, resume enhancement, interview technique, more job leads, etc., this is a tremendous resource. They can show you:

Who’s Hiring and who’s Freezing – Candor
Companies hiring right now
Should you apply on-line? Here’s a better way…

Attracting Hiring Managers:

       Six (6) Resume Writing Myths and How to Get a More Responses on your Resume
       Six (6) Powerful Ways to Attract More Career Opportunities on LinkedIn
       Put the X-factor in your job search

Interview Prep:

       How to Handle Common Interview Questions
       More Interviewing Tips
       Prep’ing for Behavior Based Interview Question
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