Real Men: Fellowship In Discipleship
Transforming Men Through Jesus Christ In Authentic, Weekly Fellowship In Discipleship

FinD’s Discipleship Council

The Discipleship Council meets 4 times each year for the following purposes:

  • Promote fellowship in discipleship
  • Strategize on the future vision of FinD’s discipleship ministry
  • Foster relationships and communication between small groups
  • Identify trends of what’s working and not working within our groups – sharing best practices
  • Find ways to strengthen and challenge our existing groups to deeper growth and accountability
    – make sure our groups are thriving and preparing for the storms they’re sure to face
  • Brainstorm on outreach/service projects, joint mission trips, and an annual retreat among
    other ideas – organize the resources to make it happen
  • Discipleship Council members serve for 2 years as representatives of their respective FinD groups
  • During their tenure on the Discipleship Council each representative serves on one of our leadership committees such as:          
    • Education
    • Health Checks
    • Retreat
    • Service/Outreach
    • Social
Ed Everett FinD

Discipleship Chair Ed Everett

I'm excited to take on the role as Discipleship Council Chair. I've been inspired by the amazing things FinD has done in my life & for those men around me. So I’m passionate about paying that forward & continuing the experience for others. I believe we're part of something truly special -- a movement freeing men from the bondage of spiritual complacency & breathe new life into our relationships with our Father, Jesus & the Holy Spirit.
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