One Nation, Under God.

In a few days, our country will elect our next President. This election has dominated our collective psyche and screens for more than a year and we’ve witnessed an unparalleled season of extreme division and anger. As Christians, we know that God is gathering his own history, and the historical year 2020 is a mere blip on the radar when viewed from a heavenly perspective. So, when thinking about how we should respond to the election outcome, I’ve got a few thoughts for you …

Whoever Is President, Jesus Is Our Leader

As Christ-followers, our leader has not changed. The election of a new president has zero impact on who we ultimately follow. Whenever there is a conflict between Jesus’s teachings and the musings of a government leader, we follow Jesus. After all, he is the greatest leader the world has ever known … period.

We Are Christians First

Although we are Americans, we are Christians first. Likewise, we are Christians first and then we’re white, black, Hispanic, or Asian, etc. When we let ourselves get divided, politically, we can forget our first allegiance. So, rather than fixating on who is in political power, focus on the One who has all the answers and ultimate power.

God Can Work Regardless Who Is President

Throughout human history, we’ve seen God work in and around every type of government and leader. Even when the attacks against the Church seemed too great, the Church has not only survived but thrived. No amount of political discord, cultural strife, or ideological division can stop the work of God.

Respond with Humility

 If you voted for the winner, you have reason to celebrate but celebrate with humility. Be gracious, knowing that somewhere in your circle of influence there are people lamenting the election loss. Even more so because we know that while good leaders can do great things for our society, only Jesus will usher us into the Kingdom. So, “be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.” Ephesians 4:2.

Pray Continually

Whether or not your chosen candidate prevailed, pray. As followers of Jesus, we are commanded to pray for all of those in authority (1 Timothy 2:2). Imagine if we prayed as much as we tweeted or texted or posted about politics?  Let’s have a Christian response and move forward to do God’s work in ever impacting ways.  Let’s accept the challenge to pray for governmental leaders and pray that the elected President will lead well and work to implement policies that respect the dignity of every human being and advance the flourishing of our nation. Pray earnestly … not only for those with whom we agree but for those with whom we disagree. For we know nobody assumes leadership by accident. God allows in power those whom he wills (Romans 13:1). God is in control and can change the hearts of our leaders (Proverbs 21:1).

Our response to election results should be governed by our faith and reflect Jesus’ love in a way that gives Him honor and glory and praise. And ultimately, we are strangers who are uncomfortable in any earthly movement as we await the day when we will dwell in the perfect city, built by the Lord of all.

PRAYER:  Lord help us to stay calm in Your palm. Help us to be obedient to your Word and pray for our elected officials, whether we voted for them or not. Forgive us when we discount your sovereignty by failing to acknowledge that you are in complete control, 100% of the time. Transform us from within that we may be your Light in the world – the light of love, grace, and servanthood to all men around us.