Transforming Men Through Jesus Christ In Authentic, Weekly Fellowship In Discipleship

David Michels (IHOPpers)

“A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine asked if I would be interested in joining a small men’s group for fellowship and Bible study.  I was intrigued, but apprehensive never having been in a similar group before.  I thought it would be awkward and uncomfortable.  Frankly, I was also a little worried opening up in a setting like that would expose me as the sinner I am.

The group has been nothing like my original expectations.  We laugh and joke a lot and share practical advice about how to keep God at the center of our lives as fathers, husbands, and friends.  As for being exposed, to my pleasant surprise, we all struggle and, in many cases, with the same issues.  Consequently, there is little judgement and a lot of understanding and prayer.

As a man, it is difficult to admit I need help and guidance.  The truth is, we all fail at times and acknowledging that fact helps with acceptance and with learning valuable lessons from our mistakes.  This group provides a supportive setting to discuss concerns, keep us accountable, and become better leaders for our families.  I am very grateful for the guys in my group and look forward to our meetings every Wednesday.”

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