Transforming Men Through Jesus Christ In Authentic, Weekly Fellowship In Discipleship

Bill Enszer (FISH – Friends In Service to Him)

 “When we formed FISH, I expected the experience to bring the Bible and Lord a little bit more into my daily walk, but it has been so much more.  At that time, I was at the tail end of slowly removing myself from a group at work that did a Bible study and knew I needed something else.

Like Chinese food you get at the food court at the mall, that study at work never really filled me up and I always left unsatisfied.  I knew I needed more but was not sure what it was I was missing until I joined my group.  I now realize that I was missing authentic, deep, Christ-centered relationships where I could be open, honest, and trusting with other guys who are going through the same struggles that I am going through.

We are sons, fathers, husbands, friends, bosses, employees, coaches, and teachers, to name just a few of our roles.  We wear quite a few hats and there is no better guide than how to fulfill these roles than Christ himself, but we all need player-coaches to help us along the way and this is what my group is to me.  I’ve always heard the phrase, “Iron sharpens iron,” but my group has made that a reality.  We counsel each other, we pray, we study, we challenge each other, and have a lot of laughs in between.  In two and a half years, I’ve built deep and strong relationships with these men and look forward every week to our Thursday meetings.”

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