Transforming Men Through Jesus Christ In Authentic, Weekly Fellowship In Discipleship

Jason Lawless (Man United)

 “As I grew older and my friendships inevitably changed, I began to notice a real void in my life.  God has blessed me with a wonderful family and many social acquaintances but I began to feel isolated and really craved for something deeper.

By the grace of God, I was introduced to Clint and he helped me to find what I had been searching for in my life.  I cannot adequately explain how refreshing and nourishing it is to be amongst a small group of Christian men.

There is a real peace that I feel every Friday morning when we meet and actively pursue our connection with God.  We trust and challenge each other as we strive for accountability clarity growth and support.

Our group is certainly not immune to the sins of the world and it is thru these trials that we have managed to form even tighter bonds.  These bonds are at the core of what it means to me to be in a small group with my brothers in Christ.”

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