Transforming Men Through Jesus Christ In Authentic, Weekly Fellowship In Discipleship

Dave “The Wave” Harkins (SOBs – Sons of the Bible)

“If you want to reach maximum personal growth and fulfillment in life – it takes God, working thru others, to transform your heart and journey ahead. If you are seeking authentic relationships that you can confidentially share life’s struggles and challenges you are up against – the small group experience will offer beneficial answers you might not realize on your own. In addition to developing close friendships – you will develop a unique strong brotherhood that will be a life-long resource to share, learn, grow, and assist you through very tough personal struggles such as death, divorce, tragedies, addictions, personal sins etc.

It’s one thing to read the Bible or other resources by yourself – but entirely different to have life applications with powerful member testimonies and joint learning along the way – especially from others that have either been thru it, are going thru it, or will go thru it.  As guys, we naturally hold our pride shields around us – where the devil thrives and succeeds – and we don’t grow – and even worse – we wallow secretly in our own shame, fear and doubt. This is EXACTLY where God and small groups work best. Small groups emphasize transparency and confidentiality and are vital to the sharing, healing, and growth of the entire group. Trust for all is built over time and incredible Godly growth and transformation is experienced by all – a part of HIS love for all involved.

If you want to be stronger in this world for yourself and for others – especially in the roles as man/husband/father/follower – please join a discipleship small group now!  Join a WSGN discipleship group, or if you’re not sure you’re ready for that level of commitment, get a “trial run” small group experience thru your church’s Men’s Life.  God may even put it on your heart to form your own Christ centered group.  If you’ve never done this before, let go of your fear that you can’t “catch up” or that you might “fall behind”.  God will amazingly meet you where you are in life.  Discipleship group members have a deep respect that we are all unique and are at different places and moving at different speeds. Come witness iron truly sharpen iron.

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