Transforming Men Through Jesus Christ In Authentic, Weekly Fellowship In Discipleship

Greg Larue (Sons of Light – SOL)

 “A personal, spiritual support system that I know I can count on, day or night, dark or light.  I’ve been going to church off and on all of my life, but never had that personal connection.

As a guy, I generally felt that I had most everything figured out.  As the family grew and I realized that I needed to step up and be a father, husband and leader, it was going to take more than just me to get thru it.

The really cool, not coincidental at all, thing about the small groups is that we all have the same challenges, struggles, victories, celebrations, etc as each other.  However, each of us bring our own version to the table and together, we can relate and deal with the obstacles and hurdles.

We support and encourage each other and know when the times get tough, we can persevere together.”

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