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Spence Bridges (Cross Heirs)

Spence Bridges

As our FinD small group, the Cross Heirs, approaches its 11th anniversary on June 15, 2023, I have to smile, as I reflect on all the “discussions” we have had within our group. There have of course been countless serious discussions on Christ, the Bible, how we have been led, influenced, and grown accordingly. All these discussions have truly been gifts.
However, I treasure so many of the other conversations over the years. Arguing like real brothers, building each other up, and sometimes even knocking each other down a notch or two, as is sometimes needed with men’s egos. No matter what the topic, I believe every discussion has been led by Christ’s spirit and with love in our hearts for each other. These “arguments”, sorry I mean discussions, and day-to-day conversations are the ones that have helped us grow into a tight knit group of friends and brothers. It has been such a blessing to be able to lay my problems at our heavenly Father’s feet accompanied by my earthly Cross Heir brothers.

Thanks Pete, John, Jeff, Mike, Eric and Brian. Love you guys.

Spence is an active member at MDUMC, husband to Marion, dad to two amazing kiddos, Regional President at Trustmark National Bank and a graduate of Mississippi State University. FinD seeks to transform men through Jesus Christ in authentic, weekly Fellowship in Discipleship.

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