Transforming Men Through Jesus Christ In Authentic, Weekly Fellowship In Discipleship

Jason Barrett (BOSS)

Jason Barrett

I still remember the thoughts of doubt in my head as I arrived at my first small group interest “recruitment” lunch with Clint Harrington.  “I hope this guy isn’t wasting my time” I recall saying to myself.   But, no more than 10 minutes into our lunch as he was offering his testimony, time seemed to stand still.   As Clint went on to describe the immeasurable impact that his small group had in his life and his spiritual journey, something inside me was burning. What I did not realize going into that lunch in 2014 was that my spiritual walk had stalled.  I was going to church on Sundays and occasionally opening the Bible, and that was basically it.  I had a few guy friends I talked to about the routine things in life (sports, work, kids, etc.) but that was as deep as those conversations went.

Thankfully, the Holy Spirit led me to join my small group - BOSS (Brothers of Scripture Study) in late 2014.  The term “brothers” for our small group name is spot on because that is how I feel about these guys. Over our 7 years together, our group has experienced the many peaks and valleys of life together, laughed and cried, celebrated and grieved.   We have also learned to challenge each other when the situation requires it, and to hold each other accountable.  Most importantly, we continue to grow together in our spiritual walk and are learning to be better a disciple, husband and father.  Without these guys, there is no doubt I would still be stuck in neutral.

Jason is an active member at Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church (MDPC), husband to Mandi, dad to two amazing daughters, a Senior Director/Counsel – HR at McDermott, Intl, and a graduate of Ole Miss and then the University of Houston – Law Center. He is also a former FinD Discipleship Council representative and an active member of the FinD Board of Directors.

FinD seeks to transform men through Jesus Christ in authentic, weekly Fellowship in Discipleship.
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