Transforming Men Through Jesus Christ In Authentic, Weekly Fellowship In Discipleship

Tom Staskus (GAIMers – God Alone is Mercy)

“I had just finished attending my Men’s ACTS Retreat in 2015 and shortly thereafter received a note to join a small men’s group.  I was still on this incredible spiritual high from my retreat and knew I needed to keep this fire burning.

So I joined the small men’s group and soon knew I had 7-9 Brothers-in-Christ for life.  We named ourselves the GAIMer’s [God Alone Is Mercy].

We can share anything and know we have the unconditional support for all of us, including our wives and families.  I always told my wife that if something ever happened to me, you have 7 other GAIMer’s and their families that would look after you and the girls.

We now know each other’s families and have great fellowship multiple times a year.   But the most important aspect of our group is that we can share anything and know how to listen and learn from each other.

We also meet biannually with other small men’s group via WSGN.  Now our family is 130-140 men strong.  We all have a single focal point of how the Bond of Christ can teach us how to serve both Him and others through Him.

I used to be a pretty selfish person and mainly focused on myself.  This group has taught me how to help serve others only for the pure act of serving with nothing expected in return.  How awesome is that?

And yes, the saying “iron sharpens iron”, there’s no better way to do so when 150 men get together for the love of God and how to better service Him by helping our fellow man.”

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