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Ed Vaughn (FisH – Friend In Service to Him)

Ed Vaughn

“I woke up this morning and had a long conversation with God about my FinD small group (FisH -  Friends in Service to Him). Our group formed seven years ago in 2016. As usual, it was enlightening. He made me see just how much I have let the enemy into my head.  I am sad to say that I let the enemy lie to me and convince me that this group wasn’t as important as it should be to me.  He convinced me that I wasn’t getting fed, and I didn’t need to be “committed”.  He convinced me to be selfish.  He convinced me to only think about me.  

God also reminded me what the truth is.  The truth is this is His group, he put this FinD together as a gift and blessing to all of us. The truth is that I have not done a very good job nurturing this gift that God has blessed me with.  As usual, when I make selfish choices, I fail.  It is not just about me getting fed, it is about what I allow God to do through me to feed the group.

He also reminded me what each of these guys mean to me.  We have been thru a lot over the last 7 years and I love each and everyone of them like they brothers they are.  They all know my heart.  They know what makes me good and my struggles.  They have allowed me to be vulnerable and have helped me heal from things that were painful and traumatic.  I regret that I allowed Satan to pull me away.  

I also know that many in this group are struggling with some of the same thoughts.   We started a conversation about it yesterday after our incredible discussion on Psalms. I know that none of us wants to waste this gift that our Father has given us.  We need to develop a direction that everyone is comfortable with and commit to it.  The enemy wants to separate and isolate.  He wants us to be discouraged and resentful.”

Ed and his family are currently members at MDPC. ED is a member of FinD's FisH group. He is married to his lovely wife Kami, a dad to Carter and Cody. He is a graduate of TCU 91’. He works for Coventry Homes as its Vice President of Operations for the Houston Division.

FinD seeks to transform men through Jesus Christ in authentic, weekly Fellowship in Discipleship. Real Men…Real Discipleship

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