Transforming Men Through Jesus Christ In Authentic, Weekly Fellowship In Discipleship

Barclay Branch (The 23rd)

Barclay Branch

Barclay Branch (The 23rd)

“I first heard about FinD through the Chapelwood UMC men’s ministry, but also from my friend, Tim Thomas, who is a fellow Tejas Vaquero. A year or so later, I ventured to one of my favorite breakfast spots, Sam’s Deli Diner (aka FinD Headquarters). Clint Harrington was having breakfast with Tom Douthit (Toolbox Ministries). When I walked in, Clint asked me about the Vaqueros sticker on my truck because he had seen a similar sticker on Tim Thomas’ truck. Tim just happens to be in Clint’s small group, the SOBs. From that simple connection, Clint asked me to join Tom and him for breakfast.

Over breakfast, Clint shared his testimony with Tom and me, and I shared some of mine with them. Lots of parallels. I felt a strong desire to join a FinD group after that unexpectedly vulnerable moment. My wife was a little concerned at first about the time commitment, but I eventually won her approval trusting that God would provide the margin if it was His will.

After a few months, my FinD group formed, and we called ourselves The 23rd. We are the 23rd group in FinD, and we all agreed that Psalm 23 is one of our favorite passages in the Word. We have been now for 3 years. I had no idea how impactful these men, our weekly fellowship, bible study would be for me. These guys are truly my family. I feel a connection to them that is almost impossible to explain, but the word “TRANSFORMATIONAL” is what first comes to mind.

In June 2022, my dad passed away. It was a brutal season in my life, but my FinD brothers rallied around me in unbelievable ways. Through them, I felt the very hand of Jesus Christ strongly grasping my own hand walking me through that valley. To say I look forward to meeting with them each week is a vast understatement. I prioritize my time with them around any other obstacle that gets in the way. I’m diving deeper into my Bible reading than ever before, and my intimacy with Jesus Christ is at an all time high in my faith journey. It’s empowered me to shine His light into other facets of my life like the Vaqueros where I’m often honored to lead Bible studies and group prayers. Iron sharpens iron, and the men of the 23rd have surely sharpened me. Wanting to pay this gift forward, I have a passion to share my faith more freely and introduce men into FinD. That’s probably why I’m on the FinD Shepherd team now (!

In closing, if you’re considering plugging into a FinD group, don’t wait. I wish I would have jumped in even sooner. It’s a game changer.”

Barclay and his family worship at Chapelwood United Methodist Church. He is married to his lovely wife Lauri, who has helped him raise his daughter Shelby.  He attended the University of Houston and is currently a manager at Western Concrete Pumping in Houston, Texas.

FinD seeks to transform men through Jesus Christ in authentic, weekly Fellowship in Discipleship. Real Men…Real Discipleship

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