FinD Discipleship Council

FinD’s Discipleship Council (DC) was formed in December 2018.

Now 21 members strong, the DC meets 4 times each year with the following purposes:

  • Promote fellowship in discipleship
  • Strategize on the future vision of FinD’s discipleship ministry
  • Foster relationships between small groups
  • Identify trends of what’s working and not working within our groups – sharing best practices
  • Find ways to strengthen and challenge our existing groups to deeper growth and accountability – make sure our groups are thriving and preparing for the storms they’re sure to face
  • Brainstorm on outreach/service projects, joint mission trips, and an annual retreat among other ideas – organize the resources to make it happen

DC Members serve 2 years as representatives of their respective FinD groups. They prayerfully give their time, ideas, and talents to retreat planning, fundraising dialogue, group health checks, FinD-wide service projects, and more. The current DC reps are as follows:

Brooks Howell (FISH), Bucky Farrow (ManU), Clay Cossey (Ironmen), Clay Weaver (Kingsmen), Ed Everett (SOBs), Eric Bach (Cross Heirs), Mike Tenney (BOSS), Jeff McCord (UFC), Jeff Taylor (BAM), John Eyster (Salty Dogs), Kevin Burleson (MOB), John Todd (BBC), Mike Walker (BMOC), Rick Chapman (13), Keith O’Connor (GAIMers), Tim Howard (SOL), Tod Higginbotham (Misfit Boys), Will Haley (BOBs), Mark Pillsbury (MIA), David Gordon (STUDs) and Jeff Stubbs (Group 21).