Real People, Real Problems – Staying Connected

Todd RankinTodd Rankin (The Kingsmen) – The things I appreciate about the Kingsmen
group go a long way! The group is made up of real people who have real problems, like
everyone else in this world. They listen, laugh, and offer a helping hand any chance they get. Each member has a desire to strengthen their relationship with Christ and spread his light in this world. Kingsmen have helped me to stay connected even in the hardest of times.


The Kingsmen
(formed January 25, 2019)

With the beginning of 2021, The Kingsmen are looking for new start and getting back to the
basics – weekly breakfasts get-togethers, One-on-Ones with each group member, and back to
the Word in study. We are kicking off with a ten-week Bible study about growing in
reverence and worship of our God. A spring retreat is scheduled in April.