Making His Vision Our Vision in 2021

“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” ~ Proverbs 29:18


My wonderful dad here on earth has been an eye surgeon for half a century.  I was always amazed by seeing his before and after slides as he assembled his lecture presentations in his home office. I’ve had many conversations with him about our human senses – sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch.  Of all those senses – it is my eyesight that I would have the hardest time surviving without. But, as I have learned more from our Father, I have realized that losing vision might be worse than losing my sight.

A reporter asked Helen Keller, “Is there anything worse than losing your sight?”

“Yes,” she said, “It is to have sight but no vision.”

More about Helen Keller here…


Do you have a vision for your life at the commencement of this new year?

This past month, many of us reviewed the goals for our lives. Some made resolutions.  Perhaps they were spiritual, relational, intellectual, physical, or financial goals. My # 1 goal is to strengthen my prayer life (and I want to lose my COVID 30 lbs. too!). Amy and my marital goal is to improve our communications as it relates to territorial parenting. That improvement will come as we pray more together. FinD’s # 1 goal in 2021 is to dive further from fellowship into discipleship.  Read more here

Have you sought out the Father’s vision for your life?

Think again about your vision and goals for 2021.  What does our Father want you to focus on this year?  Have you sought Him out for that understandingDid you “get in neutral” (see Sacred Pace by Terry Looper) and try to remove your own biases or worldly influences? We should give the Holy Spirit plenty of room to make His vision our vision. Pray and seek Jesus Christ’s face as you ponder the goals you would like for your life. He wants to help identify your goals with you!

May your 2021 be your most blessed year ever as you seek to strengthen your intimacy with our King. – Your Brother in Christ, Clint

FinD’s # 1 goal in 2021 is to dive further from fellowship into discipleship.  Read more here

Clint Harrington – FinD Executive Director