FinD Bruthas, Friends and Family,

Hurricane Laura ripped through Southeast Texas and Louisiana on August 27th. Communities were destroyed, and thousands of people lost their homes, churches, places of work, and even their hope. The immediate response has begun and rebuilding stages are on the horizon. FinD and many other organizations have already been on the ground in Lake Charles and surrounding areas. We are now better prepared to make an organized, effective relief impact. It’s in times like these that we get to rise up as disciples of Jesus Christ and help bring hope to the hurting.

I want to invite you to come alongside FinD as we work to be the hands and feet of Jesus right now. We will be coordinating through other Christian based organizations (like Houston Responds and The Restoration Team) that are designed and dedicated to provide relief and hope to these communities.

Our first round of supplies hit the road Thursday morning, September 9th. Much thanks to David Marshall and Mike Suerth for donating their time and talents to transport the items Louisiana. We were able to donate over $1,500 in supplies, but we know we can do so much more.

Stay tuned for upcoming service and support opportunities and in the meantime, please visit our Hurricane Laura Relief Amazon Wishlist for items you can donate now.